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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bakery - Stage Two - Week Five

To start where I left off last post, I should explain those waggon wheels, but at this point it's easier just to show you a picture of the finished item: The wheels go on the cart of an ale seller who has stopped outside the bakery to try and sell some ale to go with the shoppers' bread. The cart itself is a little unstable once I added a heavy barrel to the top of it; hence the supporting leg that can be seen underneath. The barrel itself is a short wooden cylinder surrounded by air clay to create a barrel shape (or at least a close approximation of a barrel shape). The major task of the week was dressing and wigging the dolls for this house. As with the rest of this project, the dolls are dressed to be "roughly tudor" but are not meant to be historically acurate. The men are the most noticably out of style. From the left are: the baker's wife (with baby), a shop assistant, the bookkeeper, the ale seller, another shop assistant and a customer. The baby is as purchased, the other dolls have all been dressed enitrely by me. The two men and the second assistant (in red) have also been wigged by me. The first shop assistant is just a cheap plastic doll and when I get brave enough, i'll try repainting her face as she is wearing far too much makeup. As usual the clothes were made without the benefit of patterns and the hats on the wigged dolls are what keep their hair from standing on end! Once the dolls were done, I looked at the house and made a list of all the things that needed finishing and was surprised how short it was! Top of the list was finish the bedspread. I had started the bedspred last week and with some dedicated effort, it has now been finished (as you can see above). The other items on the list were all small things like making a fire basket for the fireplace, make cushions for the settle (etc) which didn't take long to knock off. Before I knew it, the house was finished! At the start of the week there seemed like an awful lot of things let to do and I had expected it to take another couple of weeks but there doesn't seem to be anything left to do, so it must be finished. The idea that the house was finished came as a complete surprise, but not an unwelcome one as my ideas for my next project have been gaining momentum over the past couple of weeks, but I'll start discussing that in my next post. For now I'll just give you the clues that my next project involves re-doing an old house I was never happy with. As usual, the complete set of photos for this project are in my Flickr photostream. Click here for a direct link to the bakery photos on Flickr

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