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Friday, February 26, 2010

Highcroft Castle - Week Two

Offically, I'm still working on the stonework for the castle. Unoffically, I've had more than enough of smearing paste over walls and washing stencils and so am planning to work on other tasks for a while before I finish the stone. I have also ordered a stone-look paper which i hope will make finishing the exterior of the tower much faster and easier, I just need to put the two finishes together (paper and liquid stenciled stone) to make sure they look OK in close proximity to each other. Meanwhile, the "Treasury" room is progressing well having had all it's walls 'stoned'. It just needs a good strong door to hold all those pesky thieves at bay and some treasure! (Okay, and some lights, chests, guards, etc). The kitchen next door is the only other room I have started to work on. It looks rather messy at the moment, but should improve once the fireplace is finished. I do have one very big problem with the kitchen however. The finished castle will (hopefully) be hosting a banquet in the Hall that is well underway. This means that in the kitchen, the cooking will be done and it will be time to clear away the leftovers and wash the dishes (etc). I've seen many miniature hung geese, turkeys, rabbits, etc, to hang in the kitchen ready to cook and many dishes prepared and ready to eat, but what I've never seen is the goose when it's been reduced to bones and the odd scrap too small to throw to the dogs. For example, what does a roasted boar's head look like after it's been eaten, or rather, what do the uneaten bits look like? What is left over? When a peacock is roasted and presented 'dressed' in it's feathers, what happens to the feathers afterwards? They aren't eaten, but do they end up back in the kitchen on the scrap heap? Do the diners keep them? I haven't had much luck finding answers to these sorts of questions yet. There is a lot of information out there about how food was prepared in past times, but very little about what happened after that.

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