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Monday, July 9, 2012

Marble Madness

There hasn't been a great deal of progress on the house this week.  I seem to have eaten something that disagreed with me and I spent a day or two wishing I were dead and even when that stage passed I really didn't feel like doing anything that required intelligence or steady hands for another few days.  The only thing that I did do for the house was to paint the fireplace surrounds for the Dining Room, Drawing Room and Library with a faux marble effect.

Dining Room Fire Surround
Drawing Room Fire Surround

Library Fire Surround and Overmantle

Library Overmantle
The Dining and Drawing room fires were both bought complete and simply painted while the Library surround was made from some of the various plaster pieces I bought from Fairy Meadow Miniatures some weeks back.  As usual when I try a marble effect, I'm not entirely happy with it, I think I always manage to make the veins to dark and thick and so they end up distracting too much from the details of the "carving".

 The desk in this photo is the DHE one I bought at the local Doll, Bear and Miniature fair back in May.  I justified buying it by saying it was to go in this house, but really I bought it beacuase I liked it and one rule of miniatures is that sooner or later you find the perfect spot for everything.  It does fit perfectly in the corner by the door, but I'm not sure the design is really Georgian.  Then again I've never been a stickler for historical accuracy . . . . So do I use it here or not?


  1. The desk is a wonderful piece but it looks a bit cramped where it is now. It's a piece that needs room to show of it's qualities. Wonderful work btw :)

  2. Great work. I like the desk.
    Bye Faby

  3. You have made a fantastic job. I love the marble effect. Well done.

  4. I LOVE your fancy Mantlepieces, Alennka! I know what you mean about faux marble finishes.... I think the trick is that the more layers you have, the better... and the grain goes in many directions.... like a wrinkled rug! I think your dining room is looking very elegant. And I think that desk is just late Georgian.... what we call Federal over here... the shapes were less curvy with a very slender profile. So technically you can use it... unless you want everything to have the curvy shapes of the mid-Georgian furniture. But it is a lovely piece so I think it would be a shame to exclude it!