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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

100 Followers! Time for another Giveaway!

Who would ever have suspected my humble little blog would attract 100 followers?  Who ever it was, it sure wasn't me!  My 100th follower is Maija from Finland.  Welcome Maija and thanks for following.

100 Followers means it's time for a 100 follower giveaway.

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment on this post and include a number between one and ten in your comment.  I'll decide the winner by going over to random.org and use their random string generator to generate a random number between one and ten.  All entries that nominated this number will then go into the final draw to decide the winner.

Entries will close on 6th July.

I'm sure at this point you're all wondering what you will win.  Frankly, so am I!  I wasn't expecting to reach 100 so quickly and thus have nothing prepared to offer as the prize.  So for now, please consider it a "mystery prize" and I'll add a photo and details of the prize once I get organised.  It will be something in 1/12 scale and most likely have a magical theme.


  1. Congrats on 100 followers!!! My number guess is 4! Thanks!

  2. Congratulations, Alennka! :D

    Is blogger doing odd things with the layouts for you today?

  3. Hi Christine,

    I haven't noticed Blogger doing anything at all weird to me lately . . . which kind of makes me worry a bit. What sort of odd things are you encountering?

    And by the way, if you want to enter teh giveaway, don't forget to give me a number.

  4. Congratulations for your 100 followers. Please count me in. I choose No. 9. Thanks

  5. Hi Alennka, congrats!!
    Please count with me. The number 8 is my favourite :)
    Have a lovely day!

  6. Congratulations on your 100 followers!
    Please count me in, my favorite numbers are 7.

  7. woohoooo congratulations!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy My number is 4 :D Linda x

  8. complimenti per i tuoi lavori sono molto belli e sono felice di partecipare ;-)
    sei su http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/
    incrocio le dita e spero... ;-)
    blog creativo http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/

  9. Hi Alennka! Congrats on 100 followers. Please count me in your giveaway! I choose #6.

  10. Congrats!! Coun me in your giveaway, please. My favorite number is 7.
    Bye Faby

  11. Congratulations! Please count me in! My number is 7!

  12. Congrat!! I chose #4!


  13. CONGRATULATIONS Alennka! I would love to participate! #8 is my lucky choice!

  14. Congratulations for Your 100 + followers =0}

    I'm new in Your blog, but the little I've seen I love already..

    I'd LOVE to take part in Your giveaway! so will You please count me in..

    My choice in number 8

    Mini Hugs; Irina

  15. Congratulations on your 100 followers!! didnt take you long, please can i be included, my number is 4 thankyou Chrissey xx

  16. Congratulations on 100 followers Alennka! I would love to be in your drawing! I will take #5!

  17. Que bien! ahora ya son 102 seguidores...
    Escojo el 6.
    Un abrazo

  18. Congrats on 100 followers. You have a very entertaining blog and I predict you will have many more. I will choose #4.


  19. Congratulations on getting 100 followers. My number is 2. Thank you xx

  20. Congrats on 103 followers!!! I am one of them!!! Thanks for this opportunity. I put your link on my blog.
    My number is 3!
    Greetings and kisses

  21. Congratulations on 104 followers. :) please count me in your giveaway. My number is 5. Thank you. :)

  22. Hola

    Me encantaria,participar ,me hago seguidora y te anuncio en mi blog,de igual forma te invito a que pases por mi blog que tambien estoy de sorteo.



  23. Hallo Alennka, Gratulation zu über 100 Followern. Dein Blog ist sehr hübsch.
    Ich liebe Überraschungen und möchte mich deshalb für dein Giveaway eintragen. Ich wähle die Nr. 9. Vielen Dank und viele Grüße Craftland

    Ich werde dein Giveaway auf meinem Blog veröffentlichen.

    Hello Alennka, congratulations on more than 100 followers. Your blog is very pretty. I love suprises and I therefore would like to enter your giveaway. I dial the numer 9. Many thanks and best regards Craftland.
    I'll post your giveaway on my blog.

  24. acabo de hacerme tu seguidora, cuenta conmigo por favor
    elijo el nº 7
    lo anuncio en mi blog que tambien está de sorteo, te invito a pasarte por allí

    Me gustaría participar, ya soy tu seguidora,ahora mismo te anuncío en mi blog.Mi numero el 5.Besos.

  26. Enhorabuena por tus primeros 100 seguidores, pronto seran 100 mas.......seguro, ha sido un ascenso meteorico¡¡¡
    me gustaria poder participar en tu sorteo,el numero que elijo es el 8.
    Subo encantada el aviso a mi blog, un gran beso

  27. Congratulations and thank you for hosting a giveaway! My number is 6 please!

  28. Complimenti per i tuoi 100 follower......partecipo al tuo bellissimo giveaway e il mio numero è 3, grazie....un abbraccio

  29. Congratulations on the 100 followers!

    I am going to guess 6! :)

    Good luck everyone!

  30. Felicidades por tus mas de 100 seguidores, ya tienes otra mas, ahora lo pongo en mi blog, mi numero el 3 y si el tema es algo magico, es perfecto, besos.

  31. Congratulations. I love suprises and I think #10 will win.

  32. Hi!
    I like surprises, so count me in please
    I think number 2 wins

  33. Congratulations for the first 100 followers!! I love your giveaway. Please count me in! Hugs, Petra

  34. Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, el regalo dices que es sobre mi tema favorito jejeje
    Mi numero el 5
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  35. My congratulations also. I chose number 7


  36. Ya habia dejado un coment en esta entrada hantes de este,pero no logre poner mi numero :(,So espero todabia este a tiempo escojo el numero#5 por las edades de mis hijos jejejejejej.

    Y al fin el blo me dejo hacerme seguidora so ya amiga no tienes 100 seguidres jejejejej ya estas por los 115 jejejejejej *Felicidades.Un beso...

  37. Thanks for this giveaway,my number is four! i invited you to my giveaway plants too,miniregards,Sonia.

  38. I am your 116 follower! Hope I'm not too late to enter your giveaway....I choose number 3..Thanks again.