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Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to Preston House

Five months on and the house is now officially finished!  It has four levels, nine rooms, twenty-three people, four cats, four mice, eighteen light fittings, eight doors and only two windows.  Did I mention twenty-three people?  I think that must be some kind of record.

 I have procrastinated quite grandly when it comes to selecting a name for this property, but I've finally settled on naming it "Preston House".

Well, what do you think?  Can you see anything you think needs adding to or altering in any way?  Please feel free to criticise.

Starting from the lowest floor and working up through the house, here are close ups of the details in the finished rooms (remember you can 'poke' the photos to make them bigger):

The Kitchen . . . .

The Basement Hall . . . .

The Laundry Room . . . . 

 The Hall  . . . .

The Dining Room  . . . . 

 The Drawing Room . . . . .

 The Study . . . . .

 The Bedroom . . . . . 

 The Nursery . . . .


  1. Great photos, love the life you've put into your scenes, specially love the jam tarts!

    1. The jam tarts are the good stuff, Reutter porcelain. They came free when I renewed my subscription to one of the miniatures magazines a while ago. Finally, I've found a use for them!

  2. Wow, I can't possibly begin to describe how awed I am by your creation! And so many people! I think my favorite is the lady getting dressed, it just takes the room on a whole other level. And I love the lady in blue, her dress is magnificent! You've done such an amazing job! I'm hoping you'll work on another project soon!



    1. Thank you Illyria. Yes, there will be something new very soon. I'm already working on a doll to enter in the fantasy dressing competition in the current DHMS magazine. I can't show him to you until after the competition closes next month though. Then I have some cheap foam house kits I want to use as a basis for a 1/24th scale house. This won't be anuthing too special as it will be my first serious attempt to work in half scale. If I can find some decent room boxes (in 1/12 scale) I want to make a few individual rooms/scenes as well. After that, well, I haven't really decided yet, it could be a dress shop, a "tower of magic", a Victorian house or something entirely different.

  3. I love it, I can't believe you did so much and I was watching it all come together :)

    it's wonderful


  4. It's fabulous! Very detailed. I like the dolls.
    Bye Faby

  5. You've made a marvellous job of this whole house and is it a happy accident that your residents are dressed to complement the rooms? Whether they are or not they all look very much at home!

    1. Are the dolls dressed to match the rooms . . . ? Well, yes and no. The lady in blue in the Dining room I knew would be in the Dining room so I deliberately chose blue to go with the theme of the room. The nanny in the nursery is dressed in peach because when I started to plan her outfit I found some peach fabric and thought "perfect" without even considering the colour of the room she would go in. Many of the rest I dressed and then moved around until they found the place they looked right.

  6. Hi Alennka! This house looks So Wonderful all filled with the handsome and Happy Family!! It is always amazing to me how much the Story of the mini people adds to a project! I think you have accomplished an Awesome amount with this House... the complete re-design and re-build and now the entire cast of characters re-dressed! It looks Wonderful! There is so much going on... all in a very elegant and efficiently run household with no lacking details! And I think the sedan chair in your Grand Entry Hall is a Fantastic and Original touch that really sets this project apart and gives it Extra Flair!!! Brava!!!

    1. Thank you Daydreamer. I am kind of glad I didn't give up and throw the whole thing through the nearest window, which is what I wanted to do with it a time or two along the way.

  7. Ohhhhhh.... It´s impressive!!! Beautiful!!!!

    It is the most beautiful dollhouse that I have seen!!!

    Greetings from Spain!