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Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting Dressed

Over the past week I've been working solidly to dress the dolls for this house.  Everyone is now dressed and although some dolls are completely finished there are still others yet to be wigged, hatted and properly finished off.  I won't bore you with the details of how the clothes were made, I'll just say it involved a lot of sewing, eating glue (don't ask) and wading through knee-high mountains of fabrics.

These are the dolls for the Hall.  The grand lady is being helped out of her sedan chair by one of her two sedan bearers.  The lady is wearing a dress made of ivory silk and purple-pink taffeta.  The attendants are wearing velvet and cotton printed with a metallic pattern.

In the Nursery there are three new people.  The eldest child is sitting up in bed while the nurse/nanny holds the toddler.

The nanny wears a pale blue underskirt, white apron and an apricot overdress with a deep blue bodice.

 Below are some of the not-so-finished dolls who are markedly lacking in the hair department.  Most of these dolls are the servants of the house.  I'll show you better photos of them next week when they're finished.

The dolls below came out of the pre-renovation house.  I originally dressed and wigged them about four years ago.  They may or may not end up back in the house permanently.

And here are those "I prepared earlier" in the house:

And finally, the lady I started last week has been finished off with hair and a stomacher on the front of her corset.

Not counting the dolls already dressed or already almost dressed last week that's fourteen new dolls for the house dressed this week.  Counting all the dolls, there are currently twenty-one!  Depending on what I decide when I finish the dolls yet to be wigged and position them in the house there may even be one or two more dolls to come.


  1. I like these scenes. The dolls are wonderful.
    Bye Faby

  2. You have been VERY Busy!!! The dolls are looking Wonderful! I really like the way the Gentlemen in the Library make the layout of the Furnishing look just right!!! I LOVE the lady in the Dining Room.... and the sedan chair with the footmen is Truly Marvelous!!! Your Grand Front Entry is Perfect!!!

  3. Great work. You've done well creating all these people and making them all look so different. They really set the scene.