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Monday, December 6, 2010

I've Been Naughty . . .

I just bought a Retreat kit and a Stratford Bakery kit!  I don't need them - the Inn should keep my busy for a long time to come and I have lots of plans for future projects built from scratch, but what the ****.

Both kits are made in England by Dollshouse Emporium and I bought both from Fairy Meadow Miniatures in Sydney.  Now DHE tends to stop making all the kits I like and FMM can only carry so much DHE stock and when they run out, they often don't get the same item back in stock again.  So buying while they have the kits in Oz instead of waiting until I need a new project and discovering there are none in Oz and DHE have stopped making them is a must.  At least that's how I justify this expensive Christmas present to myself.  It's just lucky FMM don't have a Cumberland Castle kit while I'm in a mood to spend money or I really wouldn't have any left at all!

And a quick note to other Australians who'd like a new dollshouse this Christmas, take a look at ebay.  There are some fantasic houses up for auction at the moment, but all pick up only from what to me are far-away places but might work for some of you.  There is a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S partly finished house made from (I think) a Greenleaf kit in the Sydney area and the bidding is currently at $71.00.  Now that is a bargain!


  1. What a lovely treat for yourself, and I agree - if it is something you really want and can afford it - grab it while you can!

  2. Actually I just popped over for a look and they were a lot more reasonably priced than I was expecting. Nice choices.

  3. "....I don't need them........."!

    "Wants" are always sooooo much better than "needs", don't you think?

  4. Alennka, you are not the only "naughty" one out there.... I have two new kits that I am NOT talking about and have "hidden" in the basement... at LEAST until Christmas! Lol! The LAST thing I need is two new houses.... but they aren't big, and they were on sale...... :) And sometimes Kits are so soothing... all the big decisions have been made.... or so I tell myself!

  5. they sell DHE kits? omg!!! i never knew!!! its only around an hours drive from me!!! arghhhhhhhhh this is definately NOT good news hahahaha Linda x