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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dancing Dragon Inn - Week Thirteen

I've done such a good job of side-tracking myself this week that I'd almost forgotten to do this week's post on the Inn.  I've been browsing the internet for ideas for the Christmas Gingerbread house I want to try and make.  How about one like those pictured here?  Yes, maybe that is just a little ambitious for my first try, but wow, aren't those some works of art?  Mine will be small, crooked and if I leave out where it can be seen probably nibbled by a cat, certainly covered in cat fur.  As I've already blogged about I have bought a Retreat and a Stratford bakery kit purely on the basis of extreme greed.  Hopefully they should arrive before Christmas so I can take some time over the Christmas break to dry build them, take some measurements and start coming up with plans for what to do with them - and then put them neatly back in their boxes until after the Inn is finished.  Cough.  Maybe.  Christmas is actually a bad time to start working on projects in Australia because stores often close for Christmas and tend to stay closed until the end of Summer (Jan-Feb).  This means that it can be hard to get your hands on vital supplies.  It's much better to work on existing projects you've already bought all the supplies for.

But I'm supposed to be talking about the progress on the Inn I've made this week.  The good news is that I now have all the shingles/tiles on the roof.  Next up I need to decide what colour they ought to be . . . a terracotta/clay tile colour . . . a grey slate colour . . . a faux wood look?  I'll have to try a few different colours on some leftover tiles and see which looks best.

My number of followers has gone up to sixty-two, but 62 must be a private follower as I can't see their name/icon anywhere (or maybe it's in plain sight right in front of me and I just missed seeing it).  Anyway, welcome to follower no. 62 whoever you are, I hope you don't get too bored or confused by my occasional ability to waffle on and on and my tenuous grasp of the English language (ain't a governement funded education great?).


  1. The shingles look great! I still haven't decided what kind of roof to use on my house -- good thing actually putting the roof on is a long way away! :)

  2. Wood won't work as there is not an appropriate texture. Slate also has texture but that can be done with paint. The easy one to do without extra labor is terracotta tiles as they are smooth.