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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hats and Horses Don't Mix?

Followers of this blog will know I often use dolls I have on hand to model my works in progress.  After several comments suggesting it would be more tasteful to use clothed dolls, I decided to get Naked Neville something to wear.  A suit being auctioned on ebay by Lesley's Miniature Knitting looked like it would work on Neville when I finally get around to making that Edwardian era roombox for him.  The auction included shirt, trousers, jacket and a hat.  When it arrived in the mail I was disapointed to find the hat had been crushed.  It might have been Australia Post's fault or it might have something to do with the fact my mail is delivered by the postman, who then puts the mail in the dog's mouth, who then delivers it to me.  Not only is my mail usually damp, it occasionally has tooth-marks in it as well.

Making the most of the situation, I had a bit of fun coming up with the story of how the hat ended up in such a sorry state.

Proud and dapper in his new suit, Neville promenades along the street.  An errant gust of wind blows his new hat into the path of an oncoming horse.

If only the horse had a rider, they might have been able to miss the hat, but the horse's rider was too embarrassed to go out with the horse because she is still naked.  Neville pick up the hat and surveys the damage while the horse looks on bashfully.

The horse, apparently a close relative of Mr. Ed, says how sorry he is and asks if Neville will forgive him.  Neville would like to be angry, but can't help thinking the horse has a long enough face already.  Neville says they can call it even if the horse will give him a lift to the nearest hat repair shop.


  1. HeHe, I like your hat story Alennka! Neville does look quite dapper in his new suit.... but he seems to have been in such a hurry to show it off that he forgot his shoes? I will look forward to hearing THAT story too!

  2. Ahhh . . . you see Neville was on his way to see his shoemaker to get a new pair of shoes to match the new suit, but was so embarrassed by the state pf his old pair he simply decided not to wear them!

  3. lol, very good :-D

    Dare I admit though, I didn't mind naked Neville :)

  4. Hiya Alennka...you have won my giveaway!! yayyyy :D please email me at pin1056@yahoo.com.au with your address and i'll get the prize posted off to you :) Linda x

  5. Christine,

    Summer is coming for us Aussies, so maybe Neville will have to strip off to cope with the heat every now and then.


    Wow! What a lovely surprise. I have sent off an email with my address and will spend the next couple of weeks eagerly awaiting the mailman!