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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Covering the Cardboard

I've been busy working on the outside of my 24th scale house so that it no longer looks like two cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other and instead actually looks like a smart house.  The basement and 'street' level of the exterior walls are clad with stone 'blocks' of EVA foam (same as the 48th scale castle was earlier in the year).  The upper walls were intended to be a dove grey but came out distinctly lavender grey instead.

Inside, I've moved the wall separating the stair/hall from the rooms across about a centimetre which means that the stairs no longer look so confined.  The stairs themselves have been carpeted with either woven ribbon or velvet ribbon.

Another change is that the chimney breasts have been removed from all the rooms.  I decided that they took up too much space in the rooms and given the way the fireplace kits I bought are assembled they're not really necessary anyway.  Another reason for removing the breasts is that once I started playing with furniture I decided the fires would be better on the back walls than the side walls where I originally had them.  That's this week anyway . . . by next week the fires will probably be back on the side walls again.

In addition to the furniture I've bought for this house, I have made a start on making my own.  If the seat of this chaise were about half as wide it would work quite well in the entry hall where is was designed to go.  I also don't like the two different greens (stair carpet and chaise) in such proximity.  So most likely I will use this chaise elsewhere and make a new one for the entry.

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  1. La fachada te ha quedado muy bien,ya tiene aspecto de una verdadera casa!!!! Poco a poco el interior va tomando forma con la adiciĆ³n de nuevos muebles y detalles,buen trabajo !!