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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Few Sticks of Furniture

Lately, I've been focussing on filling the 24th scale house with furniture.  The kitchen has the usual shelves and tables all made of balsa wood and painted in a dark blue.  I've also made a basic range oven and fitted it into the recess at the rear of the kitchen.

The raised area on the right of the kitchen has become a scullery/laundry area with a balsa wood sink on the back wall.  At the front of the space is a airing rack made by impaling sewing pins through balsa wood dowels.  Between sink and rack is a shelf unit made from a kit.

Above the kitchen is the Entry Hall which is now home to a small corner table, a narrow seat and a hall stand, all finished in tones of brown.

Next door is the doctor's surgery/consulting room.  Most of the items in here are pre bought furniture with the obvious exceptions of the unfinished screen and desk which have been hand made from balsa wood.

Up yet another floor is the sitting room.  The pre bought suite in here has been augmented by a upright piano and secretary desk, both in balsa.

Next up is the bedroom.  As usual I intended to have the bed head on the back wall but ultimately came to the conclusion that the layout worked so much better with the bed on the side wall.  This was meant to be a masculine bedroom but the lacey wallpaper gave it a decidedly girly vibe so the furniture was painted in a very dark brown to try to counter this.

On the top floor, I have a cunning plan for the bathroom fittings.  Last time I bought a 24th scale bath set (bath tub, sink and loo) the bath tub was quite clearly too small and out of scale.  As all the other set's I've seen look to have the same problem I decided to save some money and make my own.  Above you can see the first stage of this process which is to carve a rough shape out of balsa wood for each item.  After taking the photo I coated each piece in pollyfiller.  I am now in the process of sanding this smooth to (hopefully) create a smooth porcelain effect.

The final room of the house is the lab, which may yet become a library or more likely will be a combination of the two.

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