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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Oh no.  I've just been over to Fairy Meadow Miniatures website and found they've added even more DHE house kits.  Worse, they now have Cumberland Castle and more terribly the East Wing extension too.  It was always a wish of mine that they get this kit in stock so I could get my hands on it, but can I justify buying it now when I've only just bought two other kits and still have an Inn to complete?  Can I buy it and still eat?  Can I afford not to buy it now and risk it selling out before I am ready to purchase?  Oh dear, oh dear.

At least I can be reasonably sure the castle won't sell out until after the 20th of January as FMM will be closed for Christmas from Saturday until then.  That's a whole month to think about it . . . but what if the shop burns down over Christmas and they don't restock an C. Castles?  Or what if they sell out before this Saturday?  $600 is really too much to contemplate spending on top of the $400 I've only just forked out.  Isn't it?  It could be turned into the Tower of Magic, it would be a perfect Tower of Magic.  Acutally, it would be two or three TofM's all joined together.  The real magic involved would of course go in finding somewhere to put the finished castle.

When I bought the Retreat and Stratford B. I said how fortunate it was that they didn't have a Cumberland or I'd have bought that too.  If I knew they were getting Cumberlands in stock, and so soon, I may have skipped the other two kits and just bought this one instead.  Maybe if I complain about how unfair it is I'll get a discount on the Castle?  Probably not.

What to do???  What to do???


  1. Oh my goodness! I feel your suffering!

    Will they layby? As long as you know it is coming, it wouldn't matter if took a while and you are a reliable customer.

  2. Arghhhhhhhh indeed!!! i feel your pain...i want that Fairbanks so much!! i have no money either or space so its just ridiculous lol but....its soooooo close!!! good news to hear they are closed until January!!! i might of come to my senses by then? :D Linda x

  3. You crack me up!! Your post is so funny :) I got their email update but didn't go looking at all - can yu see my halo??? - and it's probably a very good thing that I'm a scratch builder when I see how you gals are hankering for these kits ;) You know, I'm absolutely sure they'd custom order a kit (or anything else from the DHE catalogue actually) and ship it in with their next order JUST FOR YOU!! Ooooh, now you can really dream unrestrained by the decision of their buyer.... I'm being a naughty little Christmas elf putting such ideas into your head I know but I can't resist ;)

  4. Oh dear, poor you! Could you put a deposit on it, squirrel away the cash while they're closed and then purchase it? That way, it wouldn't hurt so much!

    You'll not be able to think of much else at the moment if you know it's out there.

    A wee Christmas pressie to yourself perhaps?

  5. bite the bullet...
    go the whole hog..
    don't put off til tomorrow..
    hehe :))

  6. I've read FMM Christmas closure notice more carefully. They may be closing their physical store over Christmas, but I think the web shop will still be running. I could still order C. Castle at any time.

    Oh dear, oh dear!

    You're various suggestions of asking for a layby deal are good ones. I might just send a message asking them to set a kit aside until the new year if I pay a deposit now and the rest later. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

    The Retreat and Stratford B. were my Christmas present to myself. Could I hold off on the Castle until March and make it a birthday present? I will most likely be busy with the Inn until then anyway.

  7. Alennka, I can really sympathise! I compromised and bought myself a couple of "little" house kits.... because they are little and don't cost too much.... but it didn't make me STOP wanting the bigger house I secretly covet! I am arguing with myself about how soon I could afford it anyway! LOL I have nowhere to put it and my current dollhouses are NOT done! Buy it anyway, I say.... then you will not hate yourself later when it isn't available!

  8. I have the Cumberland Castle kit, made up for my birthday last new year. It was easily put together by my husband after painting (middle floor stair wall put in place using a few bangs of a power drill, which slightly dented the front face a tiny bit). No trouble, really. A sweet kit, and looks very nice built. The joy of my life - fort all it's kinks!