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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dawncrest Castle

The castle is now finished! . . . . . .I think.  Please feel free to point out anything you see that you think is wrong or would change if it were your castle.  You are already familiar with most of the castle's features so I won't repeat myself by explaining them again.  Instead, I'll let the photos speak for themsevles . . . . .

With the Lights On . . .

The Armoury . . . .

Accessories have been added to the desk . . . .

What better place for a cat to relax than on a cozy rug before a fireplace?

Have you noticed the doorways flanking the fireplace have changed slightly from their orgininal look?

The Gallery still sticks out as mismatched.  Hmph.

Boxes, jewellery stands and bottles of purfume (etc) on the cupboard in the wardrobe

Accessories on the Wardrobe chest of drawers

The Red Lady has become the Red Sorceress, solving my issues with the Grotto

That is one crowded cave!

The wizard has some star stickers on his robe to liven it up, conveniently positioned so you can't see them.

As usual, if you want to see even more photos of the castle, take a visit to my Flickr account here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dollshouses/sets/72157628690402585/

Well, what do you think?

Now it's time to do something completely different.  My next tasks will be the 24th scale house, the Dig Site and the Georgian Houses, not necessarily in that order.

But before I start any of those, I spent a little time finishing off a doll I started a couple of weeks ago when I made the Wizard for the cave.  She's an elf girl with the mandatory pointy ears and curly shoes.  I have no idea what I'll do with her now apart from put her in a box until I come up with a new project she'll be at home in.

Would you like her?  As per my previous post I am trying to raise a little extra money at the moment so if you would like to make an offer . . . . . Cough, not that anyone has made any offers on the furniture I offered in the last post.


  1. The castle looks extraordinary! I Love it, I see nothing that needs changing. Wish I could just finish something...anything.
    I look forward to seeing your next project.

  2. It looks wonderful I love it! You have such an eye for detail its fab!! love the doll too!

  3. Stunning! I've just come to your blog and now I'll have to go and read all about the progress of your castle. Each room has so much to see and explore - being in Tassie you are not likely to show it at the Sydney Fair either, so I'm unlikely to see it in the flesh. It looks wonderful - a true masterpiece, and the dolls are lovely. Sandie

    1. Welcome to the blog Sandra. You're right, Sydney is out of the question but if you ever make it to Tasmania (unlikely I know) feel free to come and take a look!

  4. Wonderfull work!!! I love all the castle. Lots of details very well done. Kisses

  5. Great work. i like the details and inhabitants of the castle.
    Bye Faby

  6. Well done on the completion of your Castle. There are lots of great ideas in there including the gallery and the cave (it's lighting too) and the griffin lectern. I like the wall of curtaining that matches the bed drapes too. I can't see anything that would need changing or improving. It all looks marvellous.

    Does the Castle have doors or will you place a sheet of perspex over the front?

    1. The front is clear perspex. Unfortunately by adding the pediment to the top of the castle, the old front now doesn't fit and I have to try and cut it down . . . . without cracking it.

  7. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

  8. Hi Alennka! I am sorry to be so late to comment! I think you have done an amazing job re-working your Castle! That cave and the grotto are Wonderful... AND full of Wonders!!!! I LOVE the sorceress... her gown is DIVINE! The bed with its hangings is very elegant! You have done so much so quickly! I am always amazed!
    I have been thinking about your dilemma with the Gallery being off- color... would it help if you made a series of arches to go over parts of the paper... framing the knights as if it was maybe looking through a window... you could make the wall arches the color of the rest of the castle and it would cut down on the color of that paper without covering it entirely..... just a thought...!
    I wish I had some money to spend right now so I could help you with some of your Victorian Furniture.... but I have NO Extra...:(:(

    1. Thank you Daydreamer. There's no need to appologise for being late to comment, I see you've had your hands full hosting a wedding (and doing a truely superb job of it too).

      I do like your idea for the Gallery and then I don't. It could help even out the colour balance, but I think the paper is so effective in part because it is a continuous design. Blocking bits of it off behind arches, even the boring bits, just wouldn't seem right somehow.

  9. You can be proud! You have done a great job, the castle is wonderful with many details to look at!