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Monday, April 30, 2012

Small Additions in Clay

Ignoring the "inside" section of the Dig Site completely, I pulled out the polymer clay and made a few things to scatter around the camp.

I'm guessing this cobra is looking for a safe place to spend the night amongst the fallen stones.

For the camp I made a very cauldron-eske cooking pot filled with stew and a blue enamel splatterware look coffee pot and four matching cups.  Amother snake is looking for refuge under the camp bed.

For the archeologists there is a variety of hammers, picks, shovels and a brush (with soft bristles) to help dig up treasures.


These are the archeologists themselves, but as you can see they haven't pulled themselves together yet.  Hopefully next week you'll be able to see them dressed and assembled.  The little half scale doll is not for the Dig Site but will take Dan's place as test dummy for the 24th scale house when I get around to it.  There are also a few little alabaster look pots and jars in the bottom corner.

 Okay, these are not handmade (at least not by me).  The leather hat and pistol were bought on ebay from seller tolly03 in the US.  They will be worn by the lead archeologist.


  1. Love the details, can't wait to see your "Indiana Jones" archaeologist in action!
    (Dachsiemom from Flickr)

  2. Beautiful new things.
    Bye Faby

  3. Love the snakes :) Can't wait to see the dolls all dressed and finished.


  4. Great accessories, Alennka! I commend you for making them all from clay! Your site is going to be Great with the dolls... and the snakes...! I look forward to seeing the guy who gets to wear that Fabulous hat!

  5. A mi también me va a encantar ver los arqueólogos vestidos.

  6. Thanks everyone. I hope now the archeologists are revealed you aren't disapointed.