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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Christmas Street Scene

Two Buildings by Alennka
Two Buildings, a photo by Alennka on Flickr.
Here goes nothing, trying to add photos to the blog via Flickr . . . . .

Okay, looks like that worked and now that I have the photo I can come back and edit the post and (so far) keep the photo.

What you can finally see is the start of my Christmas street scene.  It's being built inside a Christmas gift box and to make it all fit is being done in 24th (or half) scale.  It will be set in the 1850s.  Although I'm decorating the insides of the buildings, the fronts of the buildings won't open and the focus of the scene should be the outside of the buildings.  

To respond to a few comments; Margriet, I use Firefox and have done since way back when it was the best of all the browsers.  When I had trouble with comments a few weeks ago I found that to reply to a comment I had to use Internet Explorer.  I wondered at the time if that meant Blogger was owned by Microsoft and were trying to direct you towards their software.  But with this problem, no luck with a different browser.  I'm guessing I may just have to wait for the problem to mysteriously fix itself like the comment thing eventually did. 

Daydreamer, your comment about storage space does make me think.  I usually shrink my photos to speed up the time it takes to upload them, but there are an awful lot of them now.  It could be that I've used up all the storage space blogger gives me (but wouldn't they warn me about that??)  I know there was a limited storage space when I first joined blogger, but the rules have changed since then and I'm not sure how much space we get nowadays.  It's something I'll go and have a close look at in a minute.

Caseymini  I have tried IE, not sure what version.  As I never use IE unless I have to it probably isn't the current one!  But Firefox did update itself not too long before all this started . . . . If Daydreamer's idea about storage space doesn't pan out, I'll try rolling back to an older Firefox.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  I am trying to sort this out for as Daydreamer said: "No photos is no fun in the mini world :(!!!"

I would take a break from photos and take a look at the recent updates to your blogs, but now Blogger is trying to tell me I'm not following any blogs again.  Sigh . . . Blogger, don't you just love 'em??!!


  1. Alennka, I had a similar problem just this morning. My husband did some searching and found that google had made sone changes during the night and the changes that they made excluded Internet Explorer 11 from their list of comparable programs. We went back to IE 10 and the problem was solved. Maybe something similar happened in your case. Not your fault. Theirs.

  2. i love the street scene idea, I may have to do that for my gift box :)