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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing Dragon Inn - Week Seven

The Inn continued to grow with the addition of the third level. As usual I had to revise my intentions for this floor in order to fit everything in and keep it accessible from the front. Although the rooms may be a bit more cramped than I intended and the hallway has a curious dogleg in it, I did manage to fit all the features into this level that I orginally wanted!

There are two bedrooms on this level plus the hallway/stairwell area. On the left will be the "grand" bedroom for the Inn's richer clientele, on the right will be a more modest room. The hallway will be in the middle. The stairs up to the top floor will probably move from their position in these photos to run back to front, or maybe front to back.

The first step of adding this level was to cut out a piece of board to fit over the tavern level and cut out a gap for the stairs to come up through. The underside of the board was given a rough plaster finish by skimming it with pollyfilla and painting it off-white. When this was dry it was then glued down over the ceiling beams of the tavern. Floorboards in the form of more craft sticks (i.e. ice cream sticks sold without the best part) were laid over the entire floor before I started to add the posts and external walls.

Next up I need to add the internal walls and decorate them, then add the ceiling beams before moving on to the next (and final) floor. For the "high" bedroom I have a page of the Tudor Freize by Jackson's Miniatures. The hallway and second bedroom will be much plainer, either given a rough plaster or wood panelled finish (or a combination of the two). Only the high room will have, uh, facilities. This will be in the form of a garderobe in the back wall. The other rooms will have to settle for chamber pots.

Later on there will be the last floor in the attic, the roof and the opening front panels to go!


  1. The progress so far looks amazing! I love the design. Can't wait to see the internal walls put in.

  2. This project looks more and more fantastic every time you post. The wood work is to die for. I love it.

  3. Un buen trabajo. Ya casi está terminado.
    Besos Clara