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Monday, December 7, 2015

Larger Boxes

 Next in the ongoing campaign to use up the various boxes and containers I've collected because I'll put some miniature scene in them someday is this little vignette of a wizard's work table in a white wall display shelf.

I do have to apologise for the poor lighting in these photos.  It is summer in Tasmania so of course we haven't had a sunny day (thus good light for photos) in ages, at least not when I've been home to take advantage of it in photos.  I'll try and get some better lit photos to show you soon.

The vignette consists of of a long table laden with wizardly essentials and some similarly laden long wall mounted shelves overhead.  I'll point out all the details when I manage to get a photo in which they can actually be seen.  For now I'm afraid you'll just have to squint and see what you can find.

In the matching box to the wizard's table I've started on something completely different.  This vignette has a padded back wall and features a sofa with gold brocade upholstery.  I'm not too sure about the white cushions though . . .  I do think I might add an arched front panel like this one to the wizard's vignette.

These plum coloured crushed velvet curtains will sit inside the arched front panel, they just need more time to dry first.

Do you remember the Oriental Folly from a few years ago?  This is what it looked like back when it was first finished.

And this is what it looked like last week after a few years of being in the same house as a couple of cats.  The paint of the roof had been scratched when they took flying leaps across the room to land on top of it, the front had been pushed off and after the first few times it hit the floor rather badly smashed.  Inside, the furniture had been pushed aside or broken when some lovable feline decided to curl up inside the house.

A little TLC later and the Folly again looks like this.  This time there are hooks holding the front firmly closed which should at least slow down the rate of damage in future.  I won't guarantee that though!

1 comment:

  1. Muy buena idea colocar las escenas miniatura en cajas o contenedores,lucen mucho más!! La escena de magia te ha quedado genial!!!
    La casa oriental es preciosa y con los arreglos,estoy segura que tendrá una mejor vejez!!