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Friday, March 30, 2012

For Sale

With the local Doll, Bear and Miniature fair to be held in May and the bi-annual Miniature Extravaganza in July, I will be needing some extra cash to take advantage of the events.  I've given up on the idea of saving, everytime you try and save money a string of minor disasters happen that force you to spend more than you normally would.  So I've decided instead to try and make some money by selling some things I don't need.

I'll be listing these items on ebay soon, but I'm offering them here first to my wonderful followers first on a first in best dressed basis.  The items are all one of a kind and of . . . dubious . . . quality.  I either made or refinished every item so expect flaws.

The prices I give are in Australian dollars.  All prices are negotiable so feel free to make an offer and I am willing to split up a set if you only want one item.  Postage will vary depending on where you are so please ask me for a quote.  You can pay with Paypal.  If you're an Australian, you can also pay with direct debit, cheque or money order if you prefer.  You can ask questions or make offers by leaving a comment of this post or emailing me at celestial@y7mail.com.

Oh yes, and all items are of course 1/12 scale.

This dinning set consists of four side chairs (no carvers), table and sideboard/hutch/dresser. All have been painted black with gold accents.  The chair seats are upholstered in red crushed velvet.  The table top has a golden sunburst desgin in the centre.  Both chairs and table are cheap commonly available miniatures which have been custom refinished.  The sideboard/hutch/whatever is a cheap set of non working drawers with a shelf unit made of balsa wood glued on top.  It is highly imperfect and you will probably be better off asking me not to include it with the rest of the set.  Price is $25 + postage or a reasonable offer.

These two chairs are finished in the same way as the dining set above, but have a different design on the back panel.  I had them mixed in with the dining set for years and no one ever noticed that they didn't match.  Price is $10 + postage or a reasonable offer.

This four piece lounge set consists of a coffee table, a sofa and two chairs, one with arms for a gentleman and one without for ladies (so their voluminous skirts can cascade over the sides).   They have been upholstered with a crushed red velvet and are stained in "mahogany".  Price is $25 + postage or a reasonable offer.

 This set of musical instruments consists of a harp, music stand, piano, piano stool and a brass horn (french horn?).  All have been painted white with gold accents.  The piano has had beads glued under it's feet to lift it up enough that a 1/12 scale doll can sit at it comfortably.  The beads look a little like wheels but mean that the "pedals" don't reach the floor.  They will be easy enough to snap off if you don't want them.  Price is $25 + postage or a reasonable offer.

This bed is made from balsa wood in a sleigh bed style.  The bedspread/cover is not removable.  As shown in the last photo the bed is actually too short for a 1/12 scale doll but it does look okay when in a room setting without anyone in it.   Price is $10 + postage or a reasonable offer.

This doll has porcelain head, hands and feet on a soft body.  She was hand dressed and wigged.  I don't like her enough to reuse her when I redo the Georgian house, but don't know if I could bear to strip and redress her.  She wears one of the first wigs I ever made and her dress is also made not long after I first started making miniature clothes and it shows.  She is not well finished: many flaws.  Price is  $10 + postage or a reasonable offer.

This is the bed from the pre-renovated Dawncrest Castle.  I was sorry not to be able to reuse it in the castle.  The bed and bedding were all handmade and thus are imperfect.  The bed is made mostly of balsa wood with pre turned posts at the foot.  It comes with one large pillow and four smaller bolster cushions.  Price is $20 + postage or a reasonable offer.

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