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Monday, January 10, 2011

Giveaway Time!

As promised, I'm offering a giveaway this month. The giveaway consists of a small straw mat, two wooden candle sconces with wax candles (non functional) and a small octagonal faux window with faux leaded glass plus one or two surprise items. The window is faux, so can be positioned on any flat wall without the need for an opening/hole in the wall. These items would look most at home in a medieval or fantasy setting, but I'd like to know where you think they would look their best. If you would like to enter the draw to win these items, please leave a comment on this post explaining what type of setting you would use these items in. Good Luck! Entries close 31st January 2011. Winner will be drawn on 2nd February. (The day between is to allow for time differences - as long as it is still 31st Jan where you are, you can still enter).
As a little extra, here's a quick tutorial on the creation of the window:
Step 1 is to choose the design. In this case I used a small section of a larger pattern. I chose this design because it was the most generic I had, thus more likely to blend in wherever it ends up. Make sure the design fits inside your chosen window frame and is composed of enclosed shapes. (Search google images for "free stained glass patterns" or "free colouring in" and you will find numerous suitable patterns.
Slide the pattern inside a plastic pocket (the kind found in clear view display binders, etc). Next use a faux leadlighting outliner to "draw" on the plastic and trace the design. I like to use leading from a small tube like the one pictured below because I find it easier to control and create fine, smooth lines.
Leave the outline to dry. This takes between 10 minutes and an hour depending on the brand, thickness of line and room tempurature. Once dry, use faux leadlighting colours to colour-in the design. I use "Gallery Glass" colours for this. Make sure you use faux leadlighting products and not glass paint. Carefully squeeze some colour into one of the shapes of the design and use a toothpick to push it around to completely fill the area, pushing the colour right up to the outlines. Ideally, you want the colour to be as deep as your outlines.
Once you have coloured in the entire design, leave it to dry for at least eight hours. The colours will change as they dry and become more transperent.
The wet paint . . .
. . . . changes to this when dry.
Once the design is dry, carefully peel it off the plastic. You can now press it onto your window pane or any smooth, flat and shiny surface. In this case I applied the design to a piece of acetate sheet and then placed some mirror paper behind the acetate. This reflects the light and gives the impression of light shining through the window.


  1. Alenka great tuto I love it!I would love to participate in your giveaway,I would use your items in my new swiss dollhouse.
    Is all in wood and your minis would look very good there,miniregards from Spain.

  2. Greetings Alenka! I would love to win your beautiful window. I would put it on my haunted house that I am building. The little candle sconces would be perfect in it too.

    Thank you
    Victoria ♥

  3. Window is well suited to house round the upstairs window. Candle-holders are well suited to a mirror site. Please count me in your wonderful giveaway!

  4. oooooooooooooooo please count me in!!! these could go anywhere but probably i'm leaning towards mt Shabby Chic house :D Linda x

  5. Para mi gusto quedaria bonito en un ambiente medieval si.....pero, lo veo perfecto para mi casa que es mas romantica, un poco shabby chic, m he hecho seguidora me encanta tu blog, un beso, espero ganar tu magnifico regalo.

  6. I would have to build a whole new scene if I win these charming items. The tutorial is great and please count me in.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the window and would love to incorporate it into The McKinley that will be my next project. The sconces would go near the fireplace.

  8. I love the window and sconces! Thanks so much for including the tutorial. I have a cottage which needs a pretty window near the roof peak. And the sconces would be great along the staircase. Or maybe along side a mirror...

  9. I see this window in a place of solitude and reflection like a chapel. Some place where people can go to reflect on the good or the trouble in their lives.

  10. I see this window in a Fairy Castle or in a wizards Castle..

    Looks beautiful :)


  11. I am late to add my comment! But I would love to be in your giveaway! I think I would need to add the candles to my castle, and the straw mat, but the window might have to go in a whole new house..... I even have some ideas about that! LOL! Maybe a witch's cottage.... almost medieval style!

  12. Hi Alenka (From a Flickr contact --dachsiemom!) I love your work and I would put your gorgeous window in my haunted doll house --I have a gabled wall in the master bedroom upstairs that has an octogonal window with no class so I would love to replace it with yours!

  13. The window is wonderful! Beautiful giveaway. Please, count me in.

  14. Excuse me I don't say where I would put your giveaway. I would put it in my country house.

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  16. What a fabulous giveaway! I am your newest follower! I would cut a new whole in my witch's magic house for the window and put the mat and candles on and around the desk I think. They are wonderful!

    Sarah K.