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Monday, March 21, 2011

Doll, Bear & Miniature Fair 2011

The annual Doll, Bear and Miniature fair was held at the local casino over the weekend. For the six or seven years it has been running, the amount of miniatures seems to have decreased each year so it was a pleasant surprise to find lots of miniature stalls there this year. Due to fewer stalls in all, each stall had more space and thus a better range of goodies.

The single most expensive item I bought there was the chest of drawers at the back of the photo. I love the colour of the wood and the look of all the drawers, it'll be perfect for my plans for the Stratford Bakery (a witches' shop). The vendor said she got it in from the UK and judging from the little gazebo woodburned into the bottom it was made by town square miniatures.

On top of the drawers are somewicker baskets that would make great witches shopping baskets. There are also hat stands for the shop's millinery department and the round rug will probably end up on the shop's floor while the weather vane is for the roof. Hetty, the red haired doll will probably be the shops pretty young sales assistant while her friend George was bought simply because coloured dolls are hard to find - he will find a suitable home sometime.

For the castle I found a hanging bracket designed for hanging pot plants but quite suitable for hanging cooking pots over the kitchen fire. The pair of barrels are also intended for the kitchen. Everything else in the photo is just something that was too good to leave behind and sooner or later will find a home somewhere.


  1. You got some great items! It is funny about coloured dolls, I wonder why they aren't so readily available?
    It doesn't make sense in this this multicultural society and I think the same goes for commercially made plastci toy dolls. I love your barrels, they look so...worn! and I would have been strongly tempted by the chest too. Perfect for your witchy odds and ends. The trims look excellent and it must be great to choose the colours in real life. I could list everything because it is all wonderful!

  2. Thanks Christine. I'm very pleased with my purchases . . . or was until I saw what all the folks in the UK had been buying at Minitura at the same time!

  3. hi was trying to find photos on google for doll house fairs and i found your blog.
    i was a stall holder at the fair at "the little doll house"
    glad you enjoyed the fair and the things you found look great.
    come by the shop and visit us sometime
    the little doll house
    shop 4 plaza arcade
    wilson street

  4. Yes, I bought the barrels, the fire baskets, the rug and a few other things from you! Unfortunately, I don't get to Burnie very ofen (okay, ever) but if you ever set up an internet shop be sure and send me the link and I'll probably keep you busy running to the post office with orders!

  5. we are currently setting up our online shop we have a website


    and we have a facebook page which has lots of photos of our products on there if you see anything you like give the shop a call and we can send it out to you.