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Friday, September 16, 2011

Heads Up Aussies

By sheer dumb luck I've discovered that the "Victorian Dolls' House Collector" magazine series has just started to be released in Australia. 

The first magazine is in newsagents at the moment for $1.95 and comes with a 17 piece dinner service.  Regardless of whether you want to collect the entire series or not, this price for a set of dishes is pretty remarkable and well worth a visit to your newsagents.  Mine only had one copy left, so I'd reccomend anyone whose interested to go out and find a copy now.


  1. Thanks Allenka I will stop by the newsagents and hopefully find it, it's hard to find any miniatures mags in my area on the Central Coast of NSW.

  2. I did see the ad but didn't pay too much attention so I hadn't realised that there's a dinnerset for the $1.95! I'm sure checking out newsagents tomorrow :) Thanks!!

  3. Thanks from me too, Allenka. I am curious now. Will have a look tomorrow.

  4. ooooooooooooo i'll look tomorrow!! thank you!!! :D Linda x

  5. how mags are in the series

    1. Do you mean how many? I'm not too sure as I didn't go on to collect the series myself. I think it was one a week for maybe four or five months.