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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It Couldn't Last . . .

I had planned to leave the walls of the folly bland beige, inside and out.  Whenever I had tried to do a bland neutral colour before, I've almost always changed my mind, so wht should the folly be an exception?  The outside walls have gone from bland beige to teal green livened up by striking red railings.

 The doors that came with the kit have had most of their internal divisions removed.  The large panels at the bottom will be filled with a solid panel with some sort of oriental motif to decorate them while the upper sections will have an open fretwork pattern.  The railings have been made from balsa wood in an oriental pattern punctuated by round pillars that "support" the roof.  The pillars are connected to each other and to the front wall of the building by more balsa wood beams.  

The steps were supposed to sit in the middle of the front.  I cut them down to sit off the side of the porch.  I wonder now if I shouldn't take out the middle section of rail and put them back in front.  What do you think?

Inside, the upstairs walls have changed from beige to yellow.  An oriental patterned fabric creates a panelled effect around the bottom of the walls.  A bamboo placemat has been cut to size and stained a dark chocolate colour to create the floor.

 Downstairs has been a number of colours, none of which I've liked.  As I'm supposed to be finishing the outside first and still have to address the roof before the outside is finished, I will have a week or two to consider what to do with the downstairs room. 


  1. Love the red! It is going to be great.


  2. Wow! Your railings in particular are brilliant. Well done.

  3. Thanks D.S. Victoria and Christine.

  4. HA HA! Alennka, It is BEAUTIFUL! Some of us just Can't live with beige! I would be like you! I think the red is BRILLIANT with the teal! I think the stairs should go back to the middle of the front... more ceremonial that way. I think this is proving to be a Gorgeous creation! Keep up the Great work!