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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Going Up . . .

This week Le Petit Palais' second floor was added and decorated.

 The second floor in the left extension wing holds a bedroom decorated with sage green paint and a wallpaper in greens and blues.

Next door is the Lilac room which will serve as a dressing room for the Green Bedroom with a bathroom in the area behind the curtained partition.

In the centre of the house is another blue hallway.  Rather than cut a hole in the floor for the stairs to emerge through from the lower floor I simply added a fake door on a fake wall to give the impression that the stairs emerge somewhere behind the door.  The stairs on this level are the kit designed for "Le Petit Palais" by Petite Properties.  Like the house kit, the stairs were easy to assemble and fit perfectly into the house.

The next room along is the Yellow Bedroom.  Technically, I should have decorated one bedroom in a feminine style and one in masculine to create a bedroom for both the lord and lady of the house.  After the last time I set out to create a manly bedroom (Master's Chamber in the Tower of Magic) I decided it would be better to have two girly rooms instead.

Finally for the second floor is the dressing/washing/sitting room for use by the occupant of the Yellow Bedroom.

The top floor has been started with the walls erected and the floors covered in simple (paper) pine boards.  The hall has been papered in tones of beige and cream.  The figure in the corner is my attempt at creating a 48th scale person.  With clothes and hair it may look reasonably human but at this point I am thinking it may be best to leave the house unpopulated.


  1. Te está quedando genial!!! Me gustan mucho los papeles de pared que has elegido!!

  2. Your little palace is really beginning to look like one. I love your colour schemes and layout. Looking forward to the next instalment!
    All the best

  3. Im loving your wall paper choices and you really should continue to make a small person even if they aren't going to live in this house :)