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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Return to the Tower of Magic . . . Maybe Not

With Le Palais finished, it was my intention to start on a new room for the Tower of Magic.  In fact start it is just what I did.  Whether it will be part of the ToM when it's finished . . . that remains to be seen.

This room was supposed to be the "Sorceress' Chamber" another bedroom to make up for the rather disappointing "Master's Chamber", this time done for a lady to occupy and hopefully more successful in the end.  I assembled the box for the room, papered the floor in a rich chocolate brown parquet paper and papered the walls with a blue wallpaper.  For those of you who recognise the wallpaper, yes it is a DHE paper, but no I haven't revised my opinion of DHE; I bought this paper years ago (back when DHE were reliable and communicative and a whole heap of other things they no longer are like a recommended place to buy miniatures).  As the paper isn't tall enough to cover the whole wall, I still need to add some trim around the top and bottom of the walls.  The two holes in the back wall are for doors, one to connect to the imaginary stairs that link the rooms of the ToM and one opening onto a faux balcony with a sea view.

The odd collection of balsa wood and cardboard in this photo is a bed I started to make a couple of years ago for Preston House before deciding it wasn't right for the room.  It was perfect for what I wanted for the Sorceress' Chamber though so I finally finished putting it together and draped it in fabric to create this:

There's just one problem.  Put the bed in the room between to the two doors where it is meant to go and . . . . . .

It just does not look good.  Or appealing.  Or anything like it did in my head.  In fact it's pretty terrible.  So maybe this room won't be a Sorceress' Chamber after all.  Perhaps I'll save the bed for a later time and make this room something else instead.  Perhaps a sitting room of some kind?  Perhaps not even a room in the ToM but an independent roombox.  Now that the doors I ordered for this room have arrived, I'll put them in and then sit back and think about how best to proceed with the room.  In the meantime, feel free to offer any suggestions . . . .


  1. oh how sad, I wish the bed would fit but now you can make it into a sitting room with a day bed or chaise lounge? with tons of photos on the walls?

    Marisa ;)

  2. Hi Alennka
    This room is lovely, when I first saw the picture with the bed in the middle of the room, I rather liked it. :) You'll find when you get your doors in, it will come to you what you want to do with the room. I find everything always works out - and maybe when you least expect it, you'll have a flash of inspiration....then there'll be no stopping you....:)
    All the best