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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sunset Garden - Week Three

Not much has changed in the garden this week. I spent too much time working on the Pyramid instead. The foam and pollyfilla ground had dried so it was given a quick coat of a grassy green paint to make it look less like it had been snowing in the garden. The stream and pond base was given a coat of blue. This will change to a more muddy colour suitable for a pond before I add the water.

Where the stream emerges from the back wall I built a pile of rocks. The idea here is to conceal the fact that the stream emerges from nowhere. The rocks look a little out of place at the moment but will hopefully look better once there are "plants" growing bewteen the stones.

Having made the garden look much neater than at the start of the week, I then made an absolute mess of it by cutting a path out of the foam base. This channel was filled with air-dry clay and a texture plate was then pressed over it to add a stone pattern to the clay.

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