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Thursday, May 17, 2012

. . . . Where'd Everybody Go?

I logged into my Dashboard this morning to see what was happening amongst my fellow Bloggers . . . . only to be told by Blogger that I wasn't following any blogs!

It's obviously another of Bloggers famous mystery faults.  Has it struck anyone else?  If so, did the list of blogs you're following come back on it's own after a while or should I start madly hunting down all the blogs I had been following and re-follow them?  Thanks.

OK . . . never mind, all the blogs seem to have come back on their own.  Phew!

I need to dig up some blogs to follow!


  1. Yes, this happens to me as well every so often...but don't worry, they'll be back. I sometimes log out, then log back in after half an hour or so. Sometimes it takes a few times, but they'll be back!

  2. A mi me pasa continuamente, no consigo ver las entradas de los blogs que sigo pufffffffffffffff
    besitos ascension