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Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been working on bits and pieces all over the place this week.  In the Study, the book shelves are now filled with books.  The books are made from covers printed from files collected from various printables sites wrapped around blocks of balsa wood.  I still can't decide how to arrange this room and I'm calling for opinions.  Should it be like the first photo above or the second  or third ones below?

 What you might notice in these photos is that the wing chair now has it's own legs (no more being held over a barrel).  The chaise in the drawing room now has legs as well and the spinet harpsichord now has a stool made with the help of yet another set of legs.  As you can see the furniture in the drawing room has been rearranged again.  I hope it will remain this way as I've just bought a pair of end tables to fill the spaces at either end of the chaise.

In the nursery it's bath night for the children.  The hip bath has some dirty water sitting in the bottom of it while damp towels have been puddled on the floor.  There is also a polymer clay dish holding two bars of soap on the floor.

 Some sheets have been hung up to dry on the rack in the laundry while some gold tone taps have been added to the cistern over the sink.  Another dish with soap rests onto of the cistern as well as an old wooden bucket.

The kitchen has had just about every item I had in storage that could conceivably be put into a kitchen thrown at it.  Obviously not all of this will be staying in here.

I filled some plain vases with flowers and foliage.  The foliage is plastic fish tank weed, the lillies are polymer clay while the coloured flowers are dried real flowers.  A note for anyone who wants to make their own flowers but is worried that it's too hard; make lillies, they are ridiculously easy to do.  All you need is some green wire, polymer clay in yellow and white (or whatever colour you want your lily to be) and a small tear shapped cutter.  All you do is roll the yellow clay into a sausage a few millimetres in diameter and cut it into lengths of half a centimetre or so.  Then poke each bit onto the end of a piece of inch long wire.  Roll the white clay out to a few millimetres thick, cut with the cutter and wrap each cutout piece around the yellow clay on the wire.  Easiest flowers ever.

One of these vases is sitting (pretty much hidden from sight) on the buffet at the back of the Dining room.  The candleabra of the table has been decorated with more foliage and flowers while the dessert stand has been filled with polymer clay confections.  I've also switched back to the bigger oval table as I decided the round one was too small.

So as you can see there have been lots of little things scattered throughout the house this week.  I literally feel like my brain has broken up and become scattered in little touches around the whole house.  I think in the coming week I'll work on something a little less piecemeal and dress a few people to live here.


  1. I like the first one, it looks homey and people can peek around to see the desk :0

    thanks for the flower tips ;)


  2. Fantastic! I like the first one.
    Kiss Faby