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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review - Part Three

Well, better late than never, here is the final part of my look back at 2012.

The "Dragon Wizard" was an unplanned addition to the year's work.  He was created from a sudden flash of inspiration and was my entry in the doll dressing competition run by DHMS magazine.  I had been hoping to win third prize in the competition, but just my luck I had to go and win first prize which I couldn't use!  D.W. still doesn't have a proper home . . . What would an oriental themed wizard's lair look like . . . . ?  This may be a project for 2013.

I have three castles, over a dozen houses and even more roomboxes and scenes, so it seemed a good idea to try and save space by experimenting in the smaller 1/24th (or 1/2") scale.  Not being certain I could tackle details in this minute size I decided to keep my first foray simple and created a cozy if somewhat uninspired house for a lady named Tilli.  Tilli's house started out as a cheap child's toy house made out of foam.

 In contrast to Preston House, Tilli's house went together easily despite the odd issue.  The 1/24th scale bath tub I bought on the internet for example is just a little small for Tilli, a 1/24th scale doll, to wash all of herself in at once.  Is there anything more annoying than buying something only to discover it is out of scale?

On the outside, Tilli's house has a bit of a traditional "Aussie" look to it with a verandah and balcony, wisteria vine and of course a tin roof.

 Inside, the house is neat and elegant, much like Tilli herself.  I had been worried about my ablitity to work in 1/24th scale, but by the time I'd finished I was wishing Tilli's house was a little larger so I could fit more in.  It is now beyond doubt that there are more 1/24th scale houses in my future, if only so Tilli can invite someone around to tea who actually fits on the sofa.

 Alongside Tilli's house, I worked on a simple bedroom roombox (in 1/12th scale).  The purpose of the room was simply to use the expensive painted bedroom furniture I bought for Preston House, then decided not to use.  I simply could not arrange these pieces so they looked good in Preston House and I had almost as hard of a time in this room too.  Truth to tell, I'm tempted even now to try selling the furniture on ebay and making or buying something different in the room.  Somehow, even though it's finished, it doesn't look finished.

And finally of the year was a simple little Christmas vignette.  This was built in a gold gift box out of items I had on hand (excluding the lights).  Personally, my favourite part of this one is the fireplace.  Aside from where the red stain leached through my later paintwork, this is the most successful job of faux marbling I've ever managed.

Phew!  That was my 2012 in a total of eight different projects.  Well, mostly anyway.  I did make a start on two new projects over Christmas, but I'll unveil them in another post in a few days.


  1. You've been amazingly busy this year and have created some marvellous things. I can't decide my favourite - the Georgian or the Egyptian scene.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year, Alennka! With the number and variety of your recent projects..... I have to wonder ... WHAT will 2013 bring? I am sure we will all be astonished! I can't wait!!

  3. I'm not sure where you are in Tasmania, Alennka, but I hope you and yours are safe. It looks pretty horrific as we follow the fires on the news.

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thanks for thinking of me. I'm in Launceston in the north of the state. The worst fires are in the south and east and i don't know anyone personally affected by them.