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Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome to Mill Cottage

As you know I've been working on a entry for the Dollshouse Emporium's Creative Competition.  Now that the deadline for entries has past, I can finally show off the result of my labours; Mill Cottage.

Mill Cottage was made from DHE's "Cabin" kit. I modified the kit by moving the front door to the front, raising the height of the walls and adding a chimney and dormer window in the roof.

The walls were given a stone effect by coating them will polyfilla and scoring lines in it while still wet.  The roof is thatched with fur fabric.

I also added a porch over the front door and a small garden at the front.  The windows were given a leaded look by using my favourite product, faux leadlighting paints.

Mill Cottage gets it's as long ago it was a working mill.  Although long since converted into a cozy abode, it retains the old mill wheel.  The wheel was made out of balsa wood and actually turned until the solid water was added (which glued it in place).  The culvert is lined with fishtank stones and a little lichen moss.

 Inside, Mill Cottage is very homey.  The walls are papered with a scrapbooking paper with some wooden panelling around the bottom painted a lilacy-purple.

The reason why I raised the height of the walls was to have the headroom to add a mezzanine level for the bedroom.

Beneath the bedroom is the kitchen.  The oven just fits under the stairs while the table is ready for a tea break complete with cuppa and slice of freshly baked cake.

The sitting area sports a pair of armchairs nestled close to the open fireplace.  A shelf by the front door provides a place to deposit keys and mail on the way in as well as a spot to hang your outdoor coat and take off your muddy boots.

 The front porch and garden are afixed to the removable front of the cottage to make it easier to lift off.  The cottage is home to Florie who wears a hand made apron.

You can see more photos of Mill Cottage in my Flickr photostream here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/dollshouses/sets/72157634780597751/

I will share more details about Mill Cottage over the coming weeks.


  1. Your cottage is enchanting.
    Bye, Faby

  2. What a lovely project - it's hard to believe that originally started as the cabin :)

  3. Una verdadera preciosidad,es una casa encantadora!!!

  4. Good luck in the competition, the Mill looks wonderful.

  5. Goes to show what you can do with a small kit if you put your mind to it. Lovely xx

  6. I really like it and look foreward to the details :)


  7. Wow that looks amazing I can't believe it started out life as that little cabin! You have done an amazing job! fingers crossed for you!!!

  8. Wow, Alennka!!! What a lot you have done with this little kit!!! I Love the mill-wheel and the little bit of water garden at the side. And the thatch roof looks very good! You have even managed to fit everything into the little space inside... adding the loft is a great help! I know I always struggle with fitting furnishings into the tiny rooms....!
    Good luck with the contest!!!