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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Finished . . . ?

Well, I was going to show you some photos of both the Crystal Garden and the Library now I have (probably) finished them but Blogger isn't letting me add pictures at the moment.  I'll keep trying, but for now if you want to see the finished rooms, you'll need to visit my Flickr here:


Or facebook here:


(honestly, I've never really understood facebook, so I'm not sure that adding photos there will have worked, sorry if you can't find them)

I need to go back and try and get some better photos of the Crystal Garden anyway.  I need some good natural light to photograph it and in Tasmania we haven't seen the sun in about ten months.  It is nearly summer here (in theory at least) so maybe sometime soon we will get a nice warm, bright day.  I don't think anyone is holding their breath though.

Now that both of these rooms are finished, I'll be starting a small Christmas scene in the hope it will be ready in time for Christmas.  If Blogger pulls it's socks up I might even be able to show it to you by then too . . . . . .

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  1. I went to flicker and saw them, I like the crystal garden Im glad you finished it ;)