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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Thousand Books And (Not) Counting

If you read last week's blog post, you may remember I said a good rule to use when making books was to make twice as many as you thought you'd need, then make an extra dozen.  To further illustrate this point, about six hours of book making creates a pile of books this big . . . .

Which fills up this much shelf space . . . . 

Another few hours and about two thirds as many books again filled up the remaining Library shelves.   I think I can now make books in my sleep, in fact I think I did do a few that way already!  I didn't keep count, but there are easily over a thousand books in this room.

With the books in place I added some more detail to the shelves in the form of decorateive brackets and some braid along the top, both painted to (almost) match the wood of the shelves.

The fireplace is made from cardboard, some porch railing posts, more of the brackets used on the shelves and a pair of scrapbooking decorations, one at the top and the other acting as a fender at the bottom.  Four scrapbooking corner embelishments put together create the frame for the unicorn picture hung over the mantle.

 The Library is now starting to look like a proper room rather than a building site.  As usual for this point in a project I am currently reconsidering the furniture arrangement I had intended to use and am toying with a number of different idea on just how to use the space. 

And finally, another photo of the mirror-illusion shelves just because I'm so chuffed with them!


  1. Your library is looking good Alennka, and I love the effect of the mirror, the curtain adds to the appeal I think so it worked out well. You have sure been busy with all those books, I must give it a try one day, maybe not on that scale though! Your doll is looking frazzled, wandering around half naked, you must have overworked him/her?

    1. Hmm ,yes, poor Harry. He had to help load up the shelves and I still haven't made him a shirt in return. At least he has pants though, when Dan (my former test dummy) started work, he had to run around stark naked for the first few months.

  2. It looks very good. And you are right when making books you need much more then you thought.
    Love the mirrored area! It looks like a corridor to another room full of books.
    Miniature greetings

  3. I love the mirror, it makes the library look so much bigger

    Marisa :)

  4. Thank you Kleine and Marisa. I'm really pleased with how good the mirror looks too.