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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hammered in the Hall

I've been promising it for weeks and finally work has started on the next room in the Tower of Magic, the Great Hall.   The Hall is where the various magic workers (wizards, sorceresses, etc) who live in the ToM assemble for meals, hold meetings and generally get together.

 The Hall's main feature (so far) are the hammer beam style ceiling trusses.  There are a total of four separate trusses, each made from hand carved pieces of balsa wood.  Traditionally, trusses like these would be used on angled (a-frame) ceilings.  Adapting them to a flat roof leaves a large blank area in the the left and right top corners . . . . the perfect place for a domesticated dragon to settle for a nap perhaps?

Below the beams the lower walls have been panelled using a celestial blue fabric overlaid with balsa wood.  The floor has been 'tiled' using the image of a tile found on the internet and printed out.  The large empty area in the back wall is where the fireplace will be positioned once it is made.

 The table currently in the centre of the floor was made for the original Bellerose House but didn't make it back in there when I renovated it last year.  I like the size and shape in the space, but I don't think glass black is quite right.  Should I repaint it to look like wood?  Or with wooden beams and panelling would that be too much wood in the room?

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  1. Hi Alennka! This Hall with the beams looks Awesome!!! I considered doing those style of beams in my Great Hall... but then decided on the arched ceiling so I could paint it. I see what you mean about the corners it leaves in the square room... but I think you will find a great solution for them. So far it looks very impressive!