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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wizards and Wallpapers

Would you believe I've found the room to squeeze even more into the Lab this week?  There are a few more jars and accessories wedged in there than there were last week, but the main additions were Chrysta and a newly made wizard to work in the Lab (though I still don't think Chrysta has the right outfit on for the setting).

As usual the Wizard, Felix, has polymer clay head, hands and feet (made with moulds) connected on a wire armature with a foam body.

He wears a fairly basic wizarding robe and a silly, very tall pointy hat.

He carries a staff which started life as the top/dipstick in a $2 perfume bottle.

When in the Lab, you can see why he needed the ridiculously tall hat - without it he'd get completely lost from view back there.

Chrysta is naturally at the front so you can see her glamorous dress more clearly.

I think the Lab is more or less finished now, certainly it's getting very hard to find empty spots in there.

The Master's Chamber now has it's own resident, the Master himself who admittedly looks much more like a Georgian gentleman than a wizard.  He wears his dressing gown and matching nightcap.

He is standing by his open wardrobe trying to decide what to wear for the day.

I finally made the decision to replace the black and white wallpaper with a softer grey and white one.  The damask pattern of the new paper gives the room a more feminine touch, something I had been trying to avoid in this room but I reached the conclusion that the pattern on the walls needed to be less harsh.  I also had tried to avoid replacing the paper because despite the fact it was one of the things that just wasn't working in the room I did really like it as a paper.

The room does work better with the new paper, although it's still not a particularly great looking room.

All the accessories have been added including things like books, candles, a spare wizarding hat and the sort of junk that tends to accumulate in bedrooms.

I still need to add some type of coving around the ceiling and possibly add a few more hits of red around the room to help tie it together a little more.

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  1. I think the bedroom looks great. I absolutely love the draped fabric ceiling! I know I am my own worst critic and I suspect you are the same way. :-)