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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All Walls

The story this week is all walls.  Walls, walls and more walls.  Fourteen rooms worth of walls.

Thirteen of those fourteen rooms are of course in the box house, which yes, absolutely needs a better name.   Most of the walls have plain scrapbooking paper with a slight texture covering the walls.  These plain walls are further enhanced by adding some low panelling (dado) with designs printed from internet scavenging.  The double height library and the centre floor stairway are both papered with twelfth scale wallpaper with designs that don't look too oversized in 24th scale.  As the vision for this house is very early Victorian I've tried to keep things light, bright and simple without too much of the 'fussiness' that comes along over the next couple of decades.

In the ToM room I've created a stone wall incorporating a fireplace along the back wall of the room.  This sits beside the odd looking wooden structure I showed you last week.  This now has shelves added to it, but can you guess yet what it is?  Remember the Library and the mirror that created the illusion that the shelves carried on into the distance?  Ever wonder where you might emerge if you wandered around those illusionary shelves?  Well, you'll come to this room.  The parallel shelves will have another piece of mirror behind them to create the same illusion so that it hopefully will appear that they are a continuation of the Library.  The purpose of the room itself will be a sitting/reading room.


  1. Vaya como has trabajado!!! Pero esas paredes tienen un aspecto precioso y colorido!!

  2. Hi Alennka,
    You really don't waste any time, do you? The house is looking splendid. I love your choice of colours for the rooms, but I am especially looking forward to seeing how you progress with the sitting/reading room. Love that fireplace. :)
    All the best and take care