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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Basement Begins

The basement level of the castle is progressing with the internal walls added and given a stone look finish to match the floors.  The finished castle will open on both sides, rather than from the front or back as most dollshouses typically do.  The above photo is the left side which houses the stair tower and two other basement rooms which will likely be a well room (to provide the castle's water supply) and either a store room or an alchemists lab.  Yeah, alchemists lab sounds like more fun to me too.

The opposite side of the basement level is currently one big open space.  This will be divided into sections by adding bars to create a dungeon/cell and a treasury with a guard room in-between them.  Of course, housing the castle's treasure in full view of the castle's prisoners may not be the best idea . . . . so maybe I'll swap the positions of the treasury and the alchemists lab.

The ceilings on this level will be barrel vaulted (i.e. arched).  I'm achieving this by cutting some EVA foam to size and 'squishing' it into shape.  At this point the ceilings aren't quite finished or installed but hopefully you can get the idea of how they should look.

As you can see from overhead, the ceilings are currently very uneven.  I will cut some ribs out of balsa which will sit on top of the foam ceiling and under the solid floor of the next level and help hold the ceiling to an even curve.  But that is still to be done . . .

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  1. Tus avances tienen un aspecto genial,esas piedras son muy realistas!!!