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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Furnishing the Top Half

Another week, another load of tiny furniture made for the castle.

I've taken to calling this room the Gallery as it's long and narrow.  In Tudor and Elizabethan times the Gallery was a long room usually with large windows where people could walk up and down and get daily exercise and sunshine without having to brave the weather outdoors.  The X frame chairs and fire surround in here are more Petite Properties kits while the benches are balsa wood creations.

Up one floor is the blue bedroom.  The balsa wood bed is decidedly crooked and leans to the right, but then so do the walls . . . .

Let's face it, if you make it up the 125 steps from the ground to reach the top floor, you're going to need somewhere to sit for a while.  So the room that opens from the stairs at the top of the castle has become the Solar (or sitting room).

On the right side of the castle, the purple bedroom sits atop the Great Hall.  This is a split level room with a half-tester bed on the raised section.

Adjoining the purple bedroom is a dressing room.  A bank of cupboards lines the back wall while storage chests and shelves line the side walls.

The top floor on the right side houses the Alchemists Lab.  A beam has been added near the roof so that the alchemist can hang bunches of herbs and other items from it.  He has a long table to work on and lots of shelves to store his ingredients and books (etc).

 Next to the Lab is the alchemists bedchamber.  His bed is sort of a cross between a sleigh bed, a cupboard bed and a four poster.

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