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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Almost Moving Indoors

Another week and still the outside of Orchid Cottage is not quite finished.  It took an entire day just to sand all the bits of gingerbread trim for the house (and I'm not even using all the bits that come with the house).  This wouldn't be so much of a complaint if the horrid ply wood bits were anywhere near smooth after all that.  Sadly, the ply wood edges are still rough but trying to sand them until they are smooth just makes them disintegrate (and even then they're still not really smooth anyway).

Eventually there is nothing to do but give up, paint the stuff and stick it in place.  The problem with doing this is the rough surface doesn't take the paint well and if you poke the photos to enlarge them you can see dozens of spots (including the wooden roof) where the paint still needs to be touched up in the rough areas.  The good news is that once I manage to jab paint into all these spots and add some extra trim to tidy the edges of the roof, the construction of the outside will be finished.

I used clear plastic to glaze the windows rather than the horrible printed windows that came with the kit.  Most of theses were printed crookedly, or unevenly and in any event simply did not look 'real'.  Once I remember to buy some more outliner, I will add a stained glass look to at least the large octagonal window above the front door.

With all the sanding and painting for Orchid Cottage and resisting the urge to throw the whole thing through the window not much happened in the ToM bathroom this week.  I did pin the fabric for the canopy over the bath into place, but I'm not sure I really like it at all.  I might make another tub without anything overhead and compare the two to see which looks best in the space.  Perhaps a more oval shaped tub would look better in the space too . . . .

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