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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Durring the week I gathered all of the items I have collected to go in the Folly and set them out on the floor of the downstairs.  I began to worry when half the floor area was covered and there was still a pile of little boxes to open.  In the end, the collection filled the entire floor.

"Poke" me to make me bigger for a better view
 There are vases, budhas, teapots, ginger jars, dragons, statuettes and other assorted oriental themed items.  That's the problem with internet shopping, you tend to lose track of just how much you've bought until the parcel post guy keeps coming back to see you day after day after day . . . . . . My next challenge is to make shelves, tables and display units that are themselves suitably oriental to house and dislay all this "loot".

The one piece of furniture I have completed is not a good start. . . . It looks best with just a single item sat atop it.  One out of an entire floor full!  The unit started out as a cheap modern TV stand for children.  I added a row of fake drawers at the bottom and filled in the top shelf (which was too shallow to hold anything) with a red and gold panel featuring a pair of dragons.  The panel is just an image printed from my computer on thick paper.

I'll be back next year, hopefully with lots of shelves to show you.  In the meantime I hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas  and New Year period and that Santa leaves you lots of dollshouse items in your stockings!

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