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Friday, February 10, 2012

Furniture Arranging and a Lucky Find

I've been playing around with possible furniture arrangements for the castle, mostly to see if adding furniture makes me like the fireplaces more.  The furniture I've used is a mix of items bought for the castle's renovation, items taken out of the old castle and stuff that was hanging about that was about the right size and shape.

I think the bedroom fireplace does look better with other furniture around it.

I'm having trouble in the Solar.  The postition of the fireplace, stairs, door to the Gallery and open balcony arch make positioning furniture awkward.  However, with furniture in the room, the fireplace doesn't look as dangerously close to the top of the stairs as it really is.

The Hall will have minimal furniture I think.  Perhaps the castle residents will be holding a dance, so will need all the floorspace?

Changing tracks completely, I found this house in a local shop this morning.  It cost $7.00 and is remarkably detailed for something designed to be a toy.

It's the right size for a 1/24th scale house, though the downstairs rooms are rather small.  The furniture in the house are 1/24th scale items I bought last year from fellow Blogger Linda.  Now they have a house to go into.   The foam it is made out of is quite rigid, though I'm worried it will warp if it gets damp (i.e. painted, glued).  So I need to run some tests and do some serious thinking.

So my to do list now includes finish Dawcrest Castle,then work on the Dig Site, the Georgian and now the 1/24th House.  I'm also waiting to see what this year's house kit for the DHE creative competition will be thinking that if I like it I could buy it as a birthday present to me. 

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  1. The little hose is amazing. $ 7.00? Fantastic!
    Bye Faby