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Monday, August 26, 2013


It may have taken an extra week, but the residents of Bellerose House have finally moved in and made themselves at home.

In the Second Bedroom, Rebecca is dreaming in front of the mirror.

Tammy still hasn't gotten out of the tub in the bathroom.

Hildegard is wearing a Tea Gown in the Main Bedroom.

 Millie is just entering the Sitting Room . . . .

Where Dan is already busy with the newspaper.

Harry and Thomas have a game going in the Rec Room.

Thomas waits . . . 

While Harry lines up his next shot.

Anne and Letitia have just arrived home loaded with bags and boxes from their shopping trip. 

Andrews the butler casts a last glance over the dining table to ensure it is ready for the meal before attending to the ladies' packages. 

Don't tell anyone, but Letitia is actually a male wearing drag.  'He' was a free gift that came with an order, but I had enough men for the house and he looked a little effiminate anyway so I stuffed his corset and made him into a girl.

Anne on the other hand is a hand made lady.

Sally and Ivy are busy in the kitchen while the housekeeper watches on.

Mrs. Penderwald, the housekeeper.

Ivy the kitchen maid.

Sally the cook.

Now that the people have moved in, Bellerose House is almost finished!

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