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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Star Tracking

With the Observatory nearing completion, the astronomers have arrived and lost no time getting down to work.

 The first astronomer is made of polymer clay and dressed in pinks and purples.

 He was made using a mould intended for use with porcelain, not polymer clay.  The mould actually worked really well, all his 'details' came out very clearly.  The one problem is that porcelain shrinks when it's fired, clay doesn't.  The result is that polymer clay doll made in the porcelain mould comes out slightly larger than 12th scale ought to be.  As you can see from the above photo he's half a head taller than 6" tall Harry, making him the equivalent of 6 1/2 - 7' tall with a big beefy build.  His size plus his outfit make him look like he should be taming bears in a circus rather than watching stars.

As the first astronomer is too large to fit in the seat of the telescope array, I added a second astronomer.  This fellow is a pre-bought porcelain doll, re-dressed and re-wigged.

The two astronomers also have a young assistant with lap desk and quill pen to write down all the observations dictated to her.

Since the last post, the furniture has moved about (again).  One day I'll put a room together and all the furniture will go in one place and stay there. . . . but I doubt it will be any day soon.  The chest of drawers (by Town Square Miniatures) holds spare telescopes as well as a number of books and papers.

So, does the Observatory look finished yet?  I think it needs something different on the left wall.  A bigger table?  A seat?  And the centre of the floor is too bare.  A rug isn't right, so maybe some sort of tiled medallion?  Or just more junk piled on top of it?


  1. Unos astrónomos estupendos,se les ve con muchas ganas de trabajar,claro que en ese fantástico observatorio será un verdadero placer estudiar y trabajar!!!

  2. this is lovely, love the bright colours you used to dress the astronomers, what about a large painted star on the floor?

  3. lovely room, I love the colours you used for the astronomers, so bright and colourful, how about painting a big star on the floor?

  4. Wow, Alennka! You have done a lot to this room! The ceiling looks Wonderful and the chair for the observers is Awesome!!! All your different telescopes look Wonderful too! I think the Astronomers add a lot of "mystery" to this room... The huge one in particular..... could he be a "giant" from another world.... seeking a way to get home??? The costumes as usual are wonderful and I LOVE the overall colorful and rich feeling in this place!