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Thursday, October 22, 2015


With the furniture (mostly) finished, I've been adding accessories to the 24th scale house this week.

In the scullery, the dresser is now filled with linens while more are hung up to dry on the drying rack.

There are an assortment of odds and ends in the kitchen from plates and platters to cannisters and the odd bit of food.

The entry hall is still fairly bland and empty at the moment though.  The red chair in the photo is not staying there it just one of those pieces I made especially for this house (the lab on the top floor to be precise) before coming to the decision that it just won't fit in.

In the surgery, the cabinet has been filled with books but not a lot else has been added.

The sitting room furniture has moved about again and a couple of small ornaments added.

The upstairs hall is another quite bland space in need of some pictures on the walls and maybe a vase of flowers on the desk.

Now the bedroom . . . It really does not look like a man's room does it.  Between the lacey wallpaper and floral sheet on the bed it has a definite feminine feel.  Despite the fact that it was supposed to be a masculine room, I'm quite happy with how this room is shaping up at the moment.

Not so happy with the bathroom.  My idea to coat carved blocks of balsa wood in pollyfiller to create the bath, sink and loo worked quite well.  When it came time to paint it I discovered I had absolutely no white paint left (dirty off-white yes, but that would look terrible as a bathroom suite).  So rather than but more paint and wait a week or two for it to arrive in the mail I went for plan B and painted the suite forest green instead.  I can't quite decide whether the colour works or not but as it will be so hard to cover with white, green it is going to stay.

The final room is the lab.  As you can see, there is absolutely no room for that red chair.  There is lots of space to store books and scientific equipment and supplies.

On the central table a green liquid is being distilled to create a blue liquid.  The rug on the floor is a cut out from an old dollshouse magazine.

There is still a lot to be added to this house but at last it is finally starting to look like I might actually be in sight of finishing it.

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  1. Todos los detalles,le van dando vida a la casa!! El baƱo en verde,queda original,a mi me gusta!!!