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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Bakery - Week Eleven

Is it really eleven weeks since I started The Bakery? Is it really only 49 days until Christmas? . . . Again this week, more work was done to MB's than the Bakery, but the Bakery did gain some vital features. Most important, the lights! Suspended from the Bakery ceiling is a 'chandelier' holding drippy wax candles to 'light' the Bakery. The candles are made of real wax, but the wicks are fake. Contray to my fears, the chandelier is yet to fall down and it has been in place since Sunday, so hopefully that means it isn't going to fall down and whack some poor baker on the head. Now all I have to do is get the thing to hang straight . . . There are also some extra candles scattered about the bakery for extra lighting. The other main advance in the Bakery (if you can call it an advance) was the invasion of the mice. Mice, who tend to resemble some hideously deformed tadpoles, now infest the Sewer section, are hiding behind sacks in the Storage area and a few brave mice have headed into the bakery proper in search of fresh crumbs. Next, I need to dress and wig some dolls to work in the bakery and the basement block sectiion of this project will (baring a few details here and there) be complete. At the moment I'm thinking there'll be the following characers The Master Baker - The guy in charge of it all, probably working at the front table The Pie Maker - Working at the side back table, oddly enough making pies The Stoker - A younger person with the job of tending the oven fire and keeping an eye on the bread so it doesn't burn The Thief/Smuggler - Sorting gems from flour in the Storage area after they have been smuggled into the city in the flour sacks The Thief's Assistant - Waiting in the sewer to carry away the ill gotten gains

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