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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Bakery & Madame Bellerose's - Week Ten or Fun with Polymer Clay

Two weeks ago the Bakery reached the point where it needed some accessories making from clay. Finally, I have brought work on MB's up to the same point and spent all weekend working on polymer clay bits and pieces for the two projects. From the photos I've included, you can see some of my, uh, 'masterpieces'. All right, so working with clay is not my best talent, but scarily enough I have improved greatly in this area - just imagine how awful my first attempts were. For MB's kitchen, I have made some carrots (even I can't mess up a simple carrot), a couple of mixing bowls, cracked eggs and whole eggs, a casserole in the making, a kettle, some baking trays and other utencils, not all of which are seen in the picture above. The copper kettle and utencils are just white sculpy painted with copper paint (after it was baked of course). The roll of roast meat and the crate of fruit in the photo were pre-bought as is. For the Bakery I have made four types of 'bread' - white and brown, baked and unbaked. Most of the baked bread won't be used in the actual bakery, but in the 'shop' section above - it has ended up in the sewer for safekeeping until then! (Better not tell that to the customers!) I have also made some pastry crusts and 'meat' for pie making. There is also a 'chandelier' so that the bakers will be able to see what they're doing and other accessories such as a meat cleaver for the fellow cutting meat. Next, I need to work on other accessories made from other materials, dress and wig people to live and work in both projects, add any other touches that are needed and both MB's and the basement of the bakery will be finished! I hope to finish both before Christmas and still find time to make my Grandma's christmas present (which I'll post more info about sometime later on). I probably won't start work on the next level of the Bakery until after Christmas even if the basement block is finished weeks before - with the approach of summer and Christmas both, there is simply too much to do in the meantime.

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