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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madame Bellerose's - Week Eight

First let me explain that there is no post on the progress of the Bakery this week as I haven't made any - I spent all my time working on MB's instead. Having said that you're probably expecting me to say I got a lot of things done to MB's, but you'd be wrong. This was one of those weeks when nothing really seemed to get done. True I built an entire table, renovated eight chairs and painted two rooms worth of furniture - but none of it is finished yet. For the Seance Room I made a table around which the Seances and other mystical activities can be held. Traditionally such a table would be round, but to make it a little different and a little less like a re-creation of King Arthur's round table, I made my table hexagonal. With the exception of the legs, which are short posts designed for scrapbooking of all things, the table is made from balsa wood. The chairs I have had for years - they were $2 for two at a certain bargain outlet all Tasmanians are familiar with. I cut out the backs of the chairs and replaced them with a solid back in the shape of a gothic arch. With that done I painted the lot, along with the bedroom furniture and gave everything a coat of gloss sealer.

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