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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Furniture for Sale!

I have just listed a dozen or so pieces of furniture on ebay for the bargain starting price of $0.99 each.  Some of it is a little damaged, some is as new, all of it has been hanging about for years and I've reached the conclusion that I'm just not going to find a use for it.  Scarily enough taking this lot out of my spare furniture box hasn't left it any less overflowing with the furniture I am keeping!

If you're looking for some cheap furniture, please take a look at the links below.  For some extra incentive, any follower of this blog who is a winning bidder will find an extra bonus item enclosed with their item.  Just send me your blogger ID so I'll know who you are!

Cradle 2

Secreatary Desk


Hat Stand

High Chair

Dressing Table

Welsh Dresser

Ladies Chairs



I have also listed a more expensive, but still bargain priced, item.  It is a Wooten or Collectors Cabinet and a high qaulity item.  I've never used it because I decided it was just too big for the space I bought it for.  Here's the link:   Wooten

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