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Monday, May 2, 2011

Castle Starcaster - Week Thirteen

Work on the castle was restricted to one room this week; the Library.  It started the week as the least developed room in the castle and now looks the most finished.  Book shelves line the back and left side wall.  These shelves were made from balsa wood and I admit they look a little like something that came flat-packed due to their modular design.  The shelves start on the right side wall with an angled shelf accross the corner.  This connects to a narrow shelf that stands flat against the back wall.  This in turn connects to a fireplace, then another flat shelf before comming to another angled corner shelf.  The left wall is all one unit.  Once in postion I added the pre-cut fancy trim around the top.  My mounted dragon's head from Nickycc hangs above the fireplace and some of her other little dragons and a crow have come in to take a look at the new shelves too.  You might notice Artie is modeling a new Wizard's Staff . . . Well actually it's supposed to be a hat or scarf pin but it makes a perfect staff.

The pair of chairs were bought specifially for this room, but both chairs take up too much space to add a desk in the room.  Now I need to decide whether or not to remove one or both chairs from the room to add the desk or leave it as it is.

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