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Monday, May 16, 2011

Castle Starcaster - Week Fifteen

I started the week back in the bedroom dressing the bed. I took the less is more approach here and topped off the foam mattress with a simple bedspread and pillow in a deep blue cotton printed with a floral pattern. I then made a few other improvements to the bedroom; I added a heavier coat of white to the walls so they no longer look so badly painted. I cut a round "cow skin" rug for in front of the fireplace, recovered the chair in fabric to match the bed and played about with tapestries for the walls by temporallily hanging them with blu-tac. There's still something missing in this room, but so far nothing I've tried has looked right.

After giving up on playing about with the bedroom, I moved my attention up a level to the top floor. There I made and installed the ladder that provides access to the roof above the top floor. The ladder pivots so that when not in use it can be raised to the ceiling out of the way and then lowered when someone needs to get up to the roof. The ladder itself is finished, but the pulley system to raise and lower it is yet to be done. When lowered, the ladder sits at a forty-five degree angle to the floor. Most ladders rise more steeply than this, but this ladder needed to be clear of the railing arround the top of the spiral staricase (the addition of which is another of this week's acheivements).
And that is about all for the Castle this week. I'm thinking that next I should make a start on the final "room" of the castle, the roof garden. This will occupy the roof above the library and be accessed via the door in the side wall of the top floor room. The garden will be fairly simple, a clay tile path, some low box hedge, a few flowers and maybe a pond or fountain of some kind.


  1. You have been busy! Your ladder is ingenious, looking forward to seeing the rope and pulley in action, you're a brave builder!

  2. Well, at the moment I'm having trouble figuring out how to attach the rope so that the mini people won't trip over it when trying to climb the ladder and so that I can still add furniture in the back corner.