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Monday, May 30, 2011

Castle Starcaster - Week 17

The castle had another quiet week this week.  The only addition it recieved was a desk for the library.  The desk is very simple, just a rectangle of balsa wood supported on four straight legs.  It is dressed up by the addition of some pre-bought trim around the underside of the top and between the lower legs.  It is currently positioned accross the front of the room to take advantage of the light that comes in through the front windows.  It may be turned around to face the door, depending on which arrangement I decide on in the end.

The books you can see piled on the desk are all hand made.  The covers are collected from various miniature printable websites.  They were printed on transfer paper and then transferred onto fabric.  The fabric (in this case some sort of cotton with a close weave) is easier to bend and work with than if the covers were on paper.  The spine of an old phone book was carefully cut into sections sized to match the printed book covers.  The covers were then glued around the sections of book to create the little books.  One table full down, about a hundred more to go to fill all the shelves.

Over the past weeks I've been making a few door hinges at a time.  The hinges are made with a metallic leadlighting outliner.  Now that I had hinges on all the downstairs doors, I went through and attached the handles to all the doors.  I don't know . . . Somehow even hinged and handled, the door seem to be missing something.

And finally just because I haven't shown you a photo of the whole castle all together for a while, here's how it looks now:


  1. Your castle is Awesome :)
    Love the new desk and the trim you put on it.

  2. wowsers you have done heaps!!! woohooooo :D Linda x

  3. It's looking wonderful. It is always fascinating to see the rooms together in one photo I think. :)

    What a brilliant use of an old telephone book!

  4. Ooooh, I like the table you have in the library! It is amazing to me what a little decoration can do to change the whole feeling! I like seeing the whole castle too.... sometimes it is hard to imagine it when we see only one room at a time. You have made a lot of progress recently!

  5. Thanks everyone! I don't really feel like I've been making speedy progress on the Castle. After all, it took me 22 weeks to finish Highcroft Castle, which was larger than this one. It's already been 17 weeks since I started Starcaster and I absolutely have a lot more than 5 weeks to go.