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Friday, August 12, 2011

Look What I've Got!

I know I talked earlier about the "people" moulds I'd bought with my tax refund money, but I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention the other miniature items I'd lashed out on.  Well they've finally arrived in the mail and here they are:

 Four pieces of Bespaq furniture.  This is a pretty lously photo, all the items look much better in reality.  I bought these on ebay from a lady liquidating her stock, so for genuine Bespaq it was quite cheap.  I bought them to use when I renovate my first castle.  The plan for this (at the moment) is to make it into a sort of Camelot type castle as the people of the Victorian era would have imagined it; a little gothic, whimsical and very fanciful.  I've also started on plans to rip my Gerogian house apart and completely redo it.  I've decorated this house once and totally stripped it and decorated it again, but still don't like it, so hopefully it will be third time lucky for this house.  The new plan features an entry hall with a grand staircase. And then there's the Retreat kit which I'm thinking about doing as an Edwardian era Writer's Retreat.  And the 1/24th scale project.  And about half a dozen other things.  I'd really better hurry up and get Castle Starcaster and the Witch Shop done hadn't I?

To keep myself busy not getting anything finished, I bought this book this morning:

I first saw this in a bookshop about twelve months ago and wanted it, but the price was about $70, so it stayed in the shop.  I later looked online and the cheapest prices were still about $40, so I still didn't buy a copy.  Strangely, after not thinking about it for six months or more it was only over the past couple of weeks I thought about it again and wondered if the price had been dropped, but hadn't gotten around to poking about online to see what the prices were.  Then this morning I was glancing at the sale tables outside a local newsagents and there it was.  For $25 who could resist?  It's a beautiful Hard Cover book filled with colour images that details the history of how people viewed the world.


  1. Great finds. Your furniture is beautiful and your book sounds inspiring.


  2. The furniture is lovely - what a nice treat!

    The plans for your new project sound really exciting and I'll be looking forward to following that one.

    I suppose giving a property a revamp for the third time will be like having it new all over again, or is it?

  3. wow! Love the furniture and the book... beautiful!

  4. What an excellent buy your book was. I bet you couldn't pick it up quickly enough. :D Your furniture is gorgeous as well and sounds perfect for the theme you are planning.

  5. Thanks Victoria, Irene, Sharon and Christine.